Collaboration with the poet, Andrew Shelley

The collaboration with Andrew Shelley was a project that looked to explore the relationship between words and pictures, and sometimes to subvert the traditional predominance of the written sign over the visual mark. The words were written specifically to be painted to, and the paintings were made for and to the words, and put together with them in ways which embrace, but move beyond, and sometimes undermine any simply illustrative relationship. Texts and images in these projects relate as a syzygy, or fission, as much as a complimentarity, though often they merge to create a single grapheme or glyph, a synthesis that includes texts and images, but transcends both. In this synthesis, the words can be seen as much as captions or titles to the paintings, as well as poems in themselves. The paintings counteract or complete the poems, as well as being equivalents or counterparts to them.

The three collaborative pages on this site (Grapheme, Glyph and Syzygy) are taken from the first two books that we produced together :

Lightwriting (Gabling Goblin, 2007) and Happy Apples (Cuddly Shark, 2008)